Carbon Footprints and all that …

When we set up Seibiant as a shop and a business, we were keen to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible, the catering industry being notoriously bad at recycling. You may remember that in the beginning we were a café, but just serving cakes and toast. All our organic waste went in a food waste bucket and went to the allotments in Llanfairfechan, and we then got veg back from them, which we used to make cake – the vegan courgette cake was lush. Even though we are no longer a café, our spent coffee and tealeaves still get recycled, and I’m hoping that in due course, the allotmenteers will be persuaded to try growing tea for me, although we have a lot of research to do first. I’m still very proud to say that our weekly rubbish is tiny, probably less than half a bin bag every couple of weeks. A future venture for Seibiant is Seibiant Sebon, and the plan is to use our spent coffee grounds as part of our soaps and scrubs.

All our takeaway cups are compostable, and we’re happy to take back any used cups you’ve had from us, so long as they’ve been rinsed clean. The company we get them from claim 12 weeks to break down completely, but we find they take a little longer than that. They’re made from plant starch rather than plastic, so break down easily enough in your food waste.  If you bring your own takeaway cup, you get a 10% discount on your takeaway drink. We will soon have our own takeaway cups/keep cups for sale with our logo. We’re also more than happy if you bring your own tea and coffee caddy from home, and we can refill that with your favourite brew, again for a discount.

All our paper and plastic waste is recycled, and we buy our packaging from companies that share the same philosophy, even though they tend to be more expensive. Coffee bags continue to be a problem – the bag may be recyclable but the plastic valve generally isn’t.

You may be aware that all the furniture in the shop is recycled in some way, Pete Griffiths made our counters and bar/bench, mirror, and tasting table, and other furniture came from the previous shop or from Freecycle. The mug display came from Vinomondo, and the noticeboard pallet was delivered with our crockery on it when we set up the shop. Remember the Map Chairs? They came from the Occupational Therapy department of a local private hospital, where they upcycle old furniture and give it a new lease of life.

If you want to take away some of our compostable waste, just call in or message us on  here or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and we’ll save a bag for you.


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