Portugal – Tea Tasting and other things

Seibiant will be closed for two weeks, while I have my first holiday for years!

If you’ve been following us on our social media platforms, you’ll be aware that Iwan and Carissa, who have both worked at Seibiant in the past, have moved to Portugal, where they are living off grid, growing grapes, making wine, growing olives, generally living the dream. Next year, they hope also to be growing tea.

Take a look at their YouTube channel, and subscribe and like, to help support them. You can also support them by giving them a Ko-fi and join their Patreon, for early videos and other treats.

Click https://www.youtube.com/c/FrankieOnTheRoad to follow them and see their videos (remember Frankie the Sausage Dog?)

Naturally, we will be drinking lots of tea, and thought it would be a lovely idea to take you along with us, and share the tea with you.

The teas that we plan to share are available on the website, under Portugal Tea Tasting – Tea Flight

Click here to order or view, this includes all 5 teas, for £9.95.

Being fans of Japanese teas, we have a few of those on the list, but we also have our very newest Chinese black tea, Hong Cha. This is made by our Chinese farmer family who make our dark oolongs. I think the black – or red – teas are a fairly new venture for them, and I recently discovered that they also make a Lapsang Souchong, which is definitely on my list for my next order! Those of you who know me, will know that Lapsang Souchong was my ‘gateway drug’ into good tea.

Click here to view or buy Hong Cha

Hong Cha
Hong Cha

You can tell I have a new phone that takes much better close up photos! See those twisty leaves and the red tips?

When I asked Iwan what tea he was missing most, he replied ‘Hojicha’ so I’m taking two different ones, last year’s Dark Roast Hojicha from Obubu, and Ryo’s Houjicha Charcoal Fire from this year – you’ll remember that Ryo is our favourite organic tea farmer from Wazuka, who also makes our incredible white tea. Both of these hojicha are in our flight of tea, and the plan would be to have a comparative tasting of them.

Take a look – click here to take a look at the Dark Roast, and here for Ryo’s charcoal roasted one.

Ryo’s white tea is here – well worth a try, but it’s not coming to Portugal – might be worth taking advantage of our holiday 10% discount though! Use the code HOLIDAY10 on the checkout page.

We’re also drinking Kukicha – the green one, and I’m looking forward to getting to know that one better – strangely it’s a tea that I rarely drink, but when I do, I always wonder why it’s not a regular.

Click here to find out more about kukicha.

The last tea which we will feature is the Pine Needle Wakoucha, again from Obubu. This is a rare black tea from Japan, I gather there are more farmers producing it now than there have been, but it’s well worth taking for a taste in the sun. I always get excited about Wakoucha because it’s one of the teas I made while I was in Japan in 2018.

Click here to find out more about the Pine Needle Wakoucha.

So, the shop will be closed from Sunday 6 September, until Wednesday 22 September. The sharp eyed among you will have seen that we have a special offer on the website for the duration of my break – use the code HOLIDAY10 to get 10% of any online orders and they will be fulfilled on my return.

We’re not sure yet how we’ll work the online tea tastings, maybe instagram live, or IGTV, but keep a close eye on our social media, and we’ll let you know – much depends on wifi in the wilds!

See you soon – and keep sipping!

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