Japan 2 – End of the First Week

The first week of the course ended with me feeling exhausted, and really needing a quiet and restful weekend, but the reality was very different. We had no accommodation at the guesthouse for the Saturday night, so I’d booked a ‘pod’ at the Millenials hotel in Kyoto – one extreme to the other, but of course,nobody does this kind of thing better than the Japanese.
I started off by going to Uji first. The tea from the Wazuka area is classed as Ujicha, so Uji is very
much the historical capital of the area, with thee oldest tea house, as well as some world heritage sites.
They were of course utterly stunning, to think that these predated cameras, so photogenic! I realised mid afternoon that I was really hungry, so found a cool little restaurant in the tea area, quite modern but with a good vibe to it, where I had my first coffee for a week, iced, but oh boy was it good!
The metal jug holds ‘gum syrup’ which is a sweetener
I then caught the train on to Kyoto Station, caught the bus from there in the general direction of my hotel, checked in, and had a mooch around the area, finishing off at what was a vibrant area after dark. I’m not a city person, so finding a bubble tea bar, and a cat cafe just blew my mind!!
Houjicha Latte Bubble Tea! And the ‘bubbles’ were the proper black tapioca ones, not the fake flavoured ones that you get in the West, that explode flavour in your mouth – you had to chew them!
Japan is a country of contrasts, and Kyoto was full of them. Kyoto Train Station is huge – 7 floors I think, and seems to be a place that people meet, get filmed, have conventions, and there are so many shops and restaurants that you need never leave!
I spent the night at The Millenials, which is a Capsule Hotel. This is a brilliant concept, inexpensive, basic, but has everything you need. I really liked the minimalist approach, the space you have is the size of your double bed, everything from the lighting, the fan, the position of the bed – bed or sofa – is all controlled by an iPhone (only an iPhone 5!) which you get given when you check in – The Millenials is an app on this phone! The showers are amazing, plenty of them, plenty of toilets, there’s a big communal area, with kitchen, working space, and lounging areas. You find it by going into a shop, in which there is a lift, and The Millenials is on the top three floors of this building!
I was looking for teaware for the shop, but didn’t want to spend a fortune, so managed to find some nice pieces, for matcha mostly.
I’d also sat in a couple of places having a drink, and this has inspired me in terms of what I’m going to do in the shop, although whether it works in Conwy I think will depend very much on the way we market it. I think one thing I’m getting from the course is just that, ideas about the direction for the shop, and the business.
Cold brew sencha, avoids the bitterness and astringency that you can get, and you can taste the sweetness of the tea.
The weather has continued to be very hot and humid, but I seem to be coping better with it now, sleeping better generally, although I think the diet is getting to be more of a challenge. Someone sent a link to a weather forecast this morning which says there’s a typhoon on the way, and by this afternoon the weather has changed, cooler, more windy. The rain here when it comes is spectacular, we had a huge thunderstorm yesterday, just after coming down from the fields, but luckily we were in a processing factory at the time – although I do love a good storm and would have loved to be able to see it, not just hear it! Tomorrow we have to travel an hour to a tea auction house, and I suspect it’ll be through rain.

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