Houjicha Gold -100g



Roasted Japanese green tea,. known in Japan as a Welcome Tea – you get it when you walk into anyone’s house, any shop, and during my course in Wazuka, we had it constantly throughout the day! Fairly low in caffeine, but just enough to keep you going. When you walk down the streets in places like Uji, you smell the tea roasting everywhere – for me now, that smell is reminiscent of Japan. In the shop we have a little bit left of the old Houjicha we had, then we will be selling the natural sand-roasted houjicha which I brought back with me – sand roasted to keep the leaves open during the roasting process – there isn’t any sand in the tea by the way, it’s all shaken off during the process!

Take a look at the Japan blog to see us roasting houjicha by hand!


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