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We’re very excited to have been able to get hold of some Jin Jun Mei,  which is one of the most famous and popular Chinese Black Teas. This grows in Tong Mu village in the Wu Yi Shan area of China. It is a fairly newly developed tea,  allegedly created in 2005/6 by  Jiang Yuanxun, using new innovative methods, along with traditional Lapsang Souchong technology – so it comes into the Lapsang Souchong family of teas. The name means ‘golden horse eyebrow’

The Tong Mu area is famous for its tea. It has a high terrain and 96.3% forest coverage. Its main tea production areas have an average altitude of about 1,200 meters, with an average fog day of 120 days, an average annual temperature of 11-18℃, an average annual precipitation of about 2000mm, which is a superior growth environment for the tea trees.

The raw materials of Jin Jun Mei are very demanding. Only pick the single tender buds in the spring. Producing 500g of dried Jin Jun Mei needs 60k-90k tender buds.

The shape of Jin Jun Mei is twisty, long, and thin like eyebrow; its color is yellow with black, commonly known as “three yellow and seven black”. The color of each leaf is mostly black and slightly yellow or golden, which is a unique characteristic different from other teas.

The tea soup of Jin Jun Mei looks bright, clear, and golden; the color of the brewed tea leaves is red-brown and bright. The fragrance of it is a mixture of natural flower, fruit, and honey and it is long-lasting.

Jin Jun Mei tea tastes mellow, smooth, and has a sweet aftertaste. It can be brewed many times and its fragrance can last at least 5-7 times of brewing.

Because the raw materials of Jin Jun Mei tea are few and its producing technology is complex, its production output is low and its price is expensive.

Special processing and super-fine leaves gives this a unique taste and strong cha qi!

Recommended brewing parameters:

Use 85-90c spring water.  Wash once with small amount of water and use that to rinse the cups.  2nd infusion keep infusion time to 10 or 15 seconds only.  Gradually increase steeping time.  This is a delicate tea, so don’t use too much tea, time or heat on it!

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