Kabuse Sencha – 50g


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From Obubu tea farms in Wazuka, this is one of their highest grade teas.

Kabuse Sencha is shaded for 2 weeks before being harvested in early spring. The liquor us jade green in colour with a distinctive and intense lingering umami flavour. Kabuse Sencha is vegetal with subtle notes of spinach and a thick mouthfeel. It is illustrative of traditional high quality Japanese teas.

Harvest: May

Cultivar: Yabukita

Processing: Lightly steamed, rolled, dried

Brewing Guide: 5g of tea leaves in your kyusu or teapot. Add 100ml of 70’C water and brew for 1 and a half minutes. Kabuse sencha can be re steeped at least 3 times (it is best to increase the water temperature for each successive infusion).



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