Kyobancha, Rare Roasted Japanese Green Tea – 20g


A rare Japanese roasted green tea

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A rare Japanese roasted green tea, where the tea is roasted flat. This is a late season tea, picked in the winter, and is the last harvest before the bushes are rested until spring. Very low in caffeine, naturally, being a late season tea, the caffeine level is reduced still further by the roasting, so this tea is said to be perfect for children, nursing mothers, and as a bedtime tea.

The flavour is intense roasted green tea, and no bitterness

Sold by 20g weight, a little goes a long way.

Brew Guide: We’d recommend experimenting to see how you enjoy it best. We go for 3g of tea, it can handle boiling water and tend to leave it for 5 minutes. This tea won’t go astringent so you can leave it to get a more intense caramel flavour. Absolutely delicious!

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