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A pure bud tea from plucked from the first bud shoots of the season!  Tea is picked just a short few days after sprouting and then carefully processed to preserve it’s delicate nature.  The tea buds are very small and covered with hairs.  The brewed tea is sweet and malty with hints of sugarcane.  An enjoyable tea with complexity and a thick tea soup that fills and soothes the mouth.

This is a potent black tea that takes care to brew.  Keep steep times short if brewing gong fu style.  If still too strong, consider using 90C water (instead of 100C).  This is a black tea that will mellow and develop complexity with aging. The taste will be optimum with 6 to 36 months of aging.

From Ning’Er County of Simao

A perfect breakfast tea  – but not for everyday!

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