We are an award winning specialist tea and coffee retailer, where you can sample before you buy, where you can learn about the tea or coffee – where it comes from, learn about the farm, the farmer, and how they grow and harvest their crop.

Learn how to get the best from your drink, whether it’s the brew temperature or brew time, brew method. We can supply any kit you need, from the humble v60 to your own espresso machine at home, including installation and servicing.

Here we go again!

Having just about got back to normal during September, we then went into a local lockdown in Conwy, and now are in a full lockdown once again, until 9th November, then I guess we wait and see!

Once again, we are fulfilling online orders, daily from Wednesday to Saturday, between 10am and 1pm, both for posting out, and for pickup if you live within Conwy.  

As before, you can order through our webshop on this site, but you can also phone us on 01492 330554, tell us you want to place and order, and we will call you back to take the order and payment, and post the same day. Alternatively you can place an order on any of our social media platforms, remembering to include your phone number so we can call you back to take payment.


We have changed the look of the shop again, to facilitate social distancing, taking into consideration the fact that this is North Wales, and climate change or not, we are going to get rain and cold weather, and you’re not all going to want to stand outside the shop!

There is space inside the front of the shop for three people to stand, at 2m distance from each other, so please take note of the signs, and be patient! If all spaces are occupied, you will need to wait outside the shop, again at 2m distance.

Sadly we are having to change the way the shop works, so smelling and tasting teas is going to be more difficult to organise. If you want to smell any of our teas or coffees, and indeed, touch anything in the shop, you will need to sanitise your hands beforehand, and we provide sanitiser for this purpose.

We would encourage you to continue to order online. 

Please take a look at our new opening hours and days, we plan to start slowly, increasing as Conwy becomes busier, but with the constant message for all of us – to Stay Safe. Please don’t feel that you must come out to the shops if you don’t feel safe to do so, and if you don’t feel right, and have been in contact with anyone who’s symptomatic, please stay home!

And we are fine with you wearing a mask.

Let’s face it folks – we can cope with anything if we   have good tea and good coffee! And yes, it is essential!

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Seibiant is an award winning specialist tea and coffee shop in Conwy, north Wales, which has been open since May 2016. In 2019 we won the Conwy Business Awards Green Business of the Year – we are committed to sustainability all along the supply chain, and took the step this year of banning single use cups for takeaway – you can now buy or rent bamboo cups, or just bring your own cup – be it a posh takeaway cup or a pottery cup from the charity shop down the road.

We sell teas and coffees and all of the kit that you may need to go with them, and a few bits that you really don’t need but that we liked.

Coffees are roasted fairly locally, all in Wales, and with the occasional guest roaster from further afield. We work with roasters who have where possible direct relationships with the coffee growers, whether directly themselves, or through organisations such as Falcon Speciality. We aim to have coffee that has been grown organically where possible, but the nature of the ‘organic’ label means that it is rarely certified as such – the certification has to extend throughout the chain, right down to the machine the coffee is roasted in, and that proves to be too expensive for our small roasters.

Teas are sourced direct where we can, but certainly through wholesalers who have direct trade relationships. We blend a few of our own teas, and can create and develop blends for you, given enough notice.

We find that as we become more geeky in relation to our teas and coffees, so our customers follow, and so we have regular tea tasting evenings for guests to sample a few teas – usually based on a theme, but once we cover the plan, then you can taste anything you fancy!