We Got Chai!

You can tell that  Autumn is in the air … people are asking for chai in the shop, and Carissa’s drawing pictures of fungi!


Chai is something we’ve tended to limit to this time of year in the shop, partly because it seems to fit better, and we like to emphasise the seasonal nature of what we do – our teas and coffees are only available at certain times of the year, and we should respect that – and extend it to everything else we eat to be honest! I’m finding that the more I’m connected with the farmers who supply us, the easier it is to be aware of what’s available when – there’s no chance of Chaenmorifuku’s white tea now until next summer!

A few weeks ago, we found that everyone was asking if we had chai, but at that time we didn’t – after all, we still thought it was summertime! By now, we have 6 diifferent chai teas, all absolutely delicious, and all very different to each other.

Three of our chai’s are caffeine free, with either rooibos or honeybush, the other three are black tea based.

There is of course a proper way to prepare chai, and our October Tea Tasting is going to be just about that.  We will also be selling proper chai from the shop at Conwy Feast on the last weekend of October. Proper chai is made with the fullest fat milk you can get, and has a spot of honey or sugar to sweeten. I make it at home by brewing my tea strong in a teapot then I pour that stewed tea into a saucepan, add the milk and sugar, and bring it up to the boil, tradition has it that the milk has to come up to the rim of the pan three times. You whisk that creamy skin and foam back into the milky drink. Then, you can wrap yourself in a fluffy blanket, and snuggle on the sofa with your loved on … the dog. Alternatively, make it your break from gardening on one of those autumn days, when all the leaves seem to find themselves into your garden, or put it all in a flask, and take it out into the hills.

Take a look at the webshop for all our chai teas

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