Let’s focus on Ethiopian Coffees


We have three splendid Ethiopian coffees in stock at the moment,

Kayon Mountain  -roasted by Poblado Coffi

Yirgacheffe (Sidamo) roasted by Heartland Coffee Roasters

Sidamo, roasted by Coaltown Coffee Roasters

All these are £6.75 for 200g, as beans or ground to your specification

Take a closer look at these gorgeous beans. The trees that these beans grow on are planted under the canopy of a natural forest. Organic processes are used with natural fertilisers. The freshly picked coffee cherry is washed and placed onto raised beds where for around 12 to 20 days drying time it is meticulously hand turned and picked over to remove any defect beans.

Continuing the Ethiopia appreciation I’ve gone for Coaltown Coffee Roasters’ Sidamo. With yesterday’s beans as an espresso for comparison purposes… the Sidamo is lovely and fresh, floral notes and a super smooth mouth feel. The first smell I got from the beans was 🍌 banana (but think that’s just me!) but then noticed the floral violets notes.

The third of our Ethiopian trilogy is Heartland Coffee Roasters’ Yirgacheffe, an old favourite of ours at Seibiant, and at every other coffee shop selling Heartland coffees! At the moment, this is another Sidamo, and the flavour shouts out fruit and berries. It seems stronger in the cup than the other two, and the mouthfeel is lush and full 

 All our coffees are freshly roasted, usually within the last couple of weeks,  and we aim to have a quick turnover while they are so fresh, so if the coffee you want isn’t on the website, just get in touch with us, and we can let you know what our freshest coffees this week are. Prices are generally reduced once we get beyond a few weeks post-roast.


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