January Resolutions – can tea help?

This is the time of year when we all get to thinking about new resolutions, making changes, often about getting healthy. I know I’ve put on a few inches (curves) over the past few months – I blame the fudge from Mawfudge and the gold top milk from Llaethdy Llyn, all delicious, but more calories than I’m using! Maybe also a touch of contentment slipping in there too 😊

Last Spring, we introduced Teatox which I mentioned briefly in my last post, but there are lots of teas which are renowned for their health benefits. Tea has always played a big part in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in Japanese medicine, and I’m going to talk about some of those, and some other blends that we have in store which are great for a range of health benefits.

Lets talk Green Teas first …

Green teas have a reputation for speeding up the metabolism, which obviously is going to help with managing your weight.

Matcha is known as a superfood with many amazing health benefits, including improving your immune system. Researchers have found that the concentration of antioxidants available in matcha tea is 10 times greater than the amount of EGCG available in other fine green teas.

We have a few more green teas, plain and flavoured, all very reasonably priced. We will be expanding our range over the next few weeks to prepare for the Spring Greens Tea Tasting at the end of February, so if you fancy the health benefits but aren’t sure which to try, come along to this. The king of the green teas of course is Gyokuro, a highly prized Japanese green tea, visually stunning as leaf and liquor. We also have Gunpowder, Jasmine Blossom Green Tea, and my favourite, the Mao Jia. We have a fresh new supply of Sencha Red Ginseng in too, many people’s favourite already.


Lets talk about Oolongs

Studies have shown that the production of anti-bacterial proteins is higher in Oolong tea drinkers, which indicates they have a strong immune system. We suggest our Tie Guan Yin is a reasonably priced place to start on oolongs.

Lets talk Pu-erh

Pu Erh Tea, alongside a healthy diet, is known to help people lose weight by increasing the metabolism. We suggest drinking a little while after food to experience the full effects of the tea. The trend for fermented products is well known, and pu-erh fits within this, along with kombucha, kefir and so on. I rave about the benefits I have felt from it already, physically and mentally.

Lets talk herbal and floral tisanes

Immunitea: A caffeine-free drink packed with antioxidants to help your digestive system. It contains lemongrass, ginger, hibiscus and rose hip shells. Top Tip: this is also a wonderful tea to drink if feeling sick as the ginger helps to settle the stomach

Turmeric Blend: Curcumin – the component that gives turmeric root its distinctive yellowy-orange colour – is thought to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which – studies show – could help to lower the risk of heart attacks in some people. It also has the reputation of helping to ease joint pains, and other inflammatory problems.

Tuscany Rose Petals and Rosebuds: When you think of your health, one of the first things you think of is your heart. Our Rose tisane is revered for its ability to increase circulation and improve heart health.

Winter Warmer: This is a blend of Keemun, ginger root, blood orange and pu-erh. In TCM Keemun is used for ‘brain fog’, colds, and to relieve that general sluggishness we feel at this time of year. Together with the other fruits and herbs,

If sleep is your problem, then try our range of bedtime teas, which are designed to help calm and settle you for sleep.

Bedtime #1: our own blend of oatstraw, rose, lavender, hibiscus, lemongrass, lime blossom and rooibos is an effective sedative with no adverse effects (although beware the reduction in blood pressure that you may get from the hibiscus – fine if you drink it in bed!)

Petalau: Blodyn Apothecary’s blend of camomile, rose and calendula.

Camomile Flowers: the nicest tasting camomile I’ve ever had, sweet and floral.


Have you heard about guayusa? This is a South American herb tea, along the lines of Mate, from the Ilex (holly) family, just like mate.  It’s an energetic leaf exclusively from the Ecuadorian amazon rainforest which has been used for centuries by indigenous people from the zone as a natural energy source. We’ll be getting some samples in to try, and if we think it’s something that our customers will like, we’ll be getting it in.






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