Apologies – here comes the inevitable!

Price rises – we all know they’re coming, in all areas of our lives, from fuel for heating our homes, and running our cars, to food.

Here at Seibiant, we’ve managed to avoid price increases with most of our teas and coffees – it’s not that they haven’t happened, but more that we’ve managed to absorb them so that they aren’t impacting on you the consumer. We’re happy that we’ve managed to do that, after all, we need to keep tea and coffee affordable, and not go in for the massive profiteering that many retailers do.

Sadly, an unprecedented combination of price increases in different parts of the process, from raw material, packaging, labour, fuel, transportation has left us with no choice but to increase costs. Various things have impacted on this, ranging from climate change, Covid-19, and leaving the EU. Our suppliers have all absorbed the increases as far as they can, but now they are all having to pass those increases on to retailers. As you know, we buy a fair proportion of our teas direct from farmers, which really does keep many of the costs down, but where we buy from wholesalers, such as tea merchants, and coffee roasters, they are now having to pass the costs on.

As a result, the price of coffee to our wholesale partners have already gone up and we apologise for this. Coffee prices to Seibiant customers are at the moment still maintained at the same level, but at the next price increase, we will have no choice other than to pass this increase on to you.

With regard to tea, our main wholesaler is increasing charges from mid March. We have tried to order what we can at the lower price, but it is inevitable that prices will increase over the next few months.

You can mitigate against these increases by buying bulk and the website allows you to buy up to 500g of our most popular teas. Teas of course have a shelf life of a couple of years once we open the package but that gives you plenty of time to drink your tea. Some of the coffees are available online at 1kg, with a discount for this, but generally only for beans, just because of the shelf life of coffee once it’s been ground.

2 thoughts on “Apologies – here comes the inevitable!

  1. Vania says:

    Hi, saw a sign in your door which said closed and to check social media… I can’t find any info and wondering when you will next be open. We live locally, hope all is well best wishes.

    • Sian Williams says:

      Hi Vania, family members have tested positive for covid, so I’m playing safe, fully expecting to test positive myself, but so far so good! Expect to be open again Friday and Saturday this week.

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