Do you ever run out of tea or coffee? Have to resort to cheap tea, cheap coffee, or worse, those cheap teabags in the back of the cupboard, or that old tin of instant? Never again! Set up a subscription and let us take the strain.

Take a look at the Tea or Coffee Subscriptions in the webshop, we can supply your tea, coffee, filters, and can add on anything else you may need. We are starting small, with just a couple of teas, but the sky is the limit, and we can add any of the teas in the shop.

Coffee Subscriptions are well known, but new to us, so we are happy to have feedback from you and we can tweak how we present this – to start with, we will choose your coffee for you, based on the preferences you tell us about, your brew method, the flavour profile you like, how adventurous you may be!

Get a regular supply of our freshest roasted coffee delivered to you, as beans or ground.  We can supply 4 options, 200g, 400g or 600g or 1kg, depending on how much coffee you use in any time scale you choose, from twice a month, to every three months

We get a new supply of coffee in store at least once a month, from each of our roasters, We can send your coffee out to you as soon as we receive it, which is usually within a day of being roasted, or if you want it sent out on a particular day, we can do that too.

Just let us know how you brew your coffee, your general preferences in terms of roast – light, dark, medium, the flavours you like – do you like your coffee floral and delicate, robust and spicy, chocolatey, are you happy to experiment, or do you like to feel safe? Once we know this, we can select and send out coffee for you. Give us feedback and we can tweak your selection for subsequent months.  If however you have a favourite from amongst our coffees, just add a note to your order, and we can make sure we send that one to you.

Click here to shop coffee subscriptions, or here to shop tea subscriptions.

To buy your subscription, you’ll need to pay using the Stripe option, rather than Paypal.