Tea Brewing Guides

The methods in which tea is brewed change subtly from region to region, and country to country. The basic idea is the same, infusing water with tea leaves. In this guide, we will just talk about hot tea, and we’ll get to cold infusions and iced teas later.

The biggest difference is between Eastern and Western brewing techniques, which basically comes down to: the ratios between the amount of tea leaves, the amount and temperature of the water, the time taken to infuse and the size of the pot. 

For example, most of us are accustomed to the traditional English teapot which is big enough to fill a couple of good size mugs. However, the Gaiwan, which is the traditional Chinese teapot, will only hold 100-200ml of water.

It is worth noting that Oolong and Puerh could have an entire page written about how they are brewed and the complexities involved, and when we’ve written one, we will add a link here.

Our advice would be to try and brew your tea as similarly as you can to the way the people in the local area to which it is grown would. Though it is possible to brew any tea using any method, we would probably not recommend making a builder’s brew in a Gaiwan!

Black Tea


  • 5g Tea / 500ml-800ml Freshly Boiled Water / 3+ minutes  


  • 3g Tea / 200ml-300ml Freshly Boiled Water / 30-60 Seconds – *Multiple infusions are possible.

Green Tea


  • 5g Tea / 500ml-800ml 80°c (170°f) Water / 2+minutes


  • 3-5g Tea / 200ml-300ml 80°c (170°f) Water / 30+ Seconds – *Multiple Infusions are possible

White Tea

Very much the same as green tea – we would recommend starting with water at a lower temperature. Multiple infusions are possible.

Oolong & Puerh – 2g Tea per 20ml of Freshly Boiled Water / 10+ Seconds. *Multiple Infusions Possible.

Tisane – 5g-10g of tisane / 200ml-800ml Freshly Boiled Water. Infuse to Personal Taste, but generally at least 5 minutes, and if you’re lucky, multiple infusions.