March – Bancha

This is a new feature for the website, and the plan is that each month we will feature a favourite brew, or a new brew to us, and tell you absolutely everything we can about it. We will be offering a discount on all online orders of the featured brew too 🙂 – just click on the link to take you to the webshop.

Featured Brew – March 2022

Yanagi Bancha – 番茶

This month’s featured brew is a classic Japanese Green Tea from Wazuka, in the Uji region of the Kyoto Prefecture.   Bancha is a type of Japanese tea that is generally harvested between each of the four main harvests of the year, the leaves are picked at a more mature stage than that of Sencha or Tencha (for Matcha) that are picked during the typical harvesting seasons. This one was picked in June.

Freshly Brewed Yanagi Bancha

Bancha is often translated as “Common Tea” or “Coarse Tea”.   Bancha leaves are quite tough so after processing, rather than sencha’s famous needle shape, Bancha leaves are thicker and rolled into flat leaves with pointed ends that look a lot like willow leaves, and that’s where this tea gets its name from: Yanagi is the Japanese word for willow.  

There are 22 grades of Bancha. Another well known bancha that we love in the shop is called Hojicha, a delicious roasted tea. Click here to take a look at our hojicha.

Our Bancha is grown for us by Obubu Tea Farms in Wazuka. In fact, they supply us with a range of different Japanese teas, ranging from this Bancha to Gyokuru, which is one of the highest grades of Japanese tea.

Tasting Notes

Yanagi Bancha is light in body but rich in flavor. It has a slightly floral liquor with notes of caramel and birch. Made from more mature leaves, Yanagi Bancha remains one of the most common Japanese teas: very easy to drink and quite affordable.   Flavours range from smoke, roasted nuts, green grass, earth, soil, wet leaves, and some types of bancha have a stronger straw smell.

Tea Cultivar:    Mixed

Origin: Wazuka Japan

Cultivation: Unshaded

Processing: Steamed, Rolled, Dried

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