2008 Nan Jian 912 Certified Organic Sheng Puerh ‘Iron Cake’



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Nan Jian Tu Lin tea factory has a long history of more than 30 years producing Pu-erh teas.  Their productions are often similiar to Xiaguan productions in their choice of raw materials, blending and processing techniques.  This cake is entitled “Nan Zhao Sheng Tai Yuan Cha”.  The Nanzhao kingdom was an ancient kingdom centered in the Erhai lake valley area that is present day Dali. This raw tea cake is made from Wuliangshan and Lincang material all of which is 100% Certified Organic by OFDC China.  The tea is processed in a style similiar to Xiaguan teas in that it is tightly rolled and also tightly compressed.  The brewed tea is powerful and pungent with a strong “huigan” and stimulating effect!

Aged in Guangdong since 2008!

Net Weight: 400 grams tea cake

Ingredients: Yunnan Large leaf varietal sun-dried tea
Produced by Nan Jian Tulin Tea Factory

Certified Organic by OFDC China (Not USDA Certified Organic)


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20g sample, whole cake

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