2020 Jingmai Mountain Raw Puerh Cake



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2020 Jingmai Mountain Sheng

Jingmai Mountain is situated in Lancang County of Simao  prefecture.  Jing Mai teas are unique as a large portion of the tea trees are a natural hybrid of Assamica that are referred to as Mixed-Leaf varietal (中小叶种). Tippy, with smaller and shorter leaf/bud sets than pure assamica which adds to the sweetness and aroma of the tea.

This tea is from Wan Mu area of Jing Mai and age of trees varies from 60 to 200 years.  The trees grow naturally and are not sprayed. Stored in Kunming.

As usual with sheng puerh, brew over several infusions,  there’s no reason why you can’t run to 10 infusions.


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20g sample, whole cake

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