Bai Cha – White Dan Cong



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Bai Cha

Dry leaf

Bai Cha is a White Dan Cong, so processed as a white tea, but from the Dan Cong trees of Phoenix Mountains, Chaouzhou, from our farmer there who has supplied us with some excellent oolongs and black teas previously.

Dan Cong translates as ‘single bush’ but there is some debate as to whether this is literally a single bush, single tree, tree with a single trunk or any number of variations. However, we know and trust this farmer, and he and his family have proved themselves in the past.

The secret with this tea is not to brew it as you would a white tea, cool and delicate – I tried this and got nothing. Brew it as you would a sturdy Dan Cong oolong, and it will reward you – the aroma is of orchid, and vanilla, the taste is rich, with a distinct minerality, not excessive astringency. It brews several times over, so if you like to keep going for hours with your tea, you will be repaid by this tea.

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