Cranberry Rosehip and Hibiscus




Freeze dried cranberries, packed with vitamins K, C and A were traditionally packed on the East Coast whaler ships, to stave off the dreaded scurvy. These days, we don’t have to contend with scurvy, but hey, we certainly need to be boosting our immune system. This fruity blend of cranberry with Rosehip shells, and Egyptian hibiscus has a tart hit, with a sweet backdrop.

***did you know that the Latin name for the plant that gives us rosehips is Rosa Canina – Dog Rose – so named as it was thought to cure rabies!

*** Herman Melville in the whaling classic Moby Dick writes “Go out with that crazy Captain Ahab? Never! He flat refused to take cranberries aboard – a man could get scurvy, or worse, whaling with the likes of ‘im! ”


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