Da Wu Ye Oolong




We source this amazing oolong direct from an organic farm in Chaozhou Province in China. Charcoal roasted by the teamaster on the farm, this is a 2021 spring harvest tea.

Da Wu Ye means “Big Dark Leaf” due to the appearance of the tea leaf being larger and darker than most other Dan Congs.

The loose leaves are large and stalky with a greenish brown colour with a red tinge. Once you open the packet the charming orchid fragrance is released.

Once brewed the leaves are back to life, soft and shiny dark green. The liquor is bright yellow, or if brewed strongly becomes a clear orange. Tasting notes are typical of oolongs; honey and floral orchid, refreshing, smooth and sweet.

We sell this from 25g which is plenty to be going on with, and to give you a taster of a true classic.




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100g, 25g, 50g

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