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We’ve always encouraged our customers to try Robusta, and when local roasters were reluctant to roast Robusta beans for us, we had to venture abroad (well, Yorkshire) to get them roasted. We went from selling 1kg in 3 months, to now selling nearer 5kg in a month, so there is actually a demand for them. What we then did, was persuade one of our local roasters to create a blend for us, involving Robusta beans, and we now have a range of coffees with a proportion of Robusta in them. First one up on our website is the Italian Espresso Blend, a dark roast with Indian Robusta, together with Brazilian coffees, among others. This rich punchy espresso blend reminds us of that classic Italian Blend, so that’s what we’re calling it.

Many thanks to Dragon Roastery in Newborough for their experimenting!

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