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You know how we like to educate/challenge our customers ! A couple of months ago, we got a couple of Guji Hambela coffees from Heartland Coffee Roasters, with different processing methods, and we encouraged customers to try both with a view to learning the difference that processing made to a coffee. Lots of our shop customers did this, and we were able then to learn which was the favourite process for this classic Ethiopian bean – a very definite yes for the Natural Process. We weren’t surprised, as the natural process generally results in a rich, intense, more complex flavour profile.

We are now offering the natural processed Guji to our website customers, please do give it a try and let us know what you think.

Roaster’s taste notes: clean mouthfeel, ripe blueberries, amaretti biscuit, sweet citrus acidity, strawberry mousse with the addition of milk – see what I mean – complex!!

Try it!

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