Feng Huang Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong


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Another of our dark roasted oolongs from our Chinese tea farmer in Guangdong Province. This Mi Lan Xiang has always been a favourite at Seibiant, fragrant, honey orchid aromas. While expensive, it just goes and goes, giving you delicious tea in over ten steeps, with the flavour developing with each infusion.

On our first tasting this morning, we used 6g of tea, in our small gaiwan. The flavour develops, as you expect for a quality tea, peachy and creamy in the first infusion, becoming more complex, sweeter, stronger on the orchid aromas with each subsequent steep. You really feel that even at the 6th, it hasn’t reached it’s peak. We brewed the 7th for longer, around a minute, and the flavour is incredible, mouthfeel intense. Wow!


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