Ryo Morisaku’s Japanese First Flush White Tea – Organic and Hand Picked




Organic, hand picked, direct from the farmer … it doesn’t come any better than this!👌


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Organic, hand picked, direct from the farmer … it doesn’t come any better than this!

I was introduced to the farmer Ryo Morisaki during my trip to Japan last year, when we had a tour of different styles of tea farm. Ryo left a job in computers in Japan to become a tea farmer in Wazuka, and showed us to one of his tea fields, high up on a steep mountainside. He gave us a sample of his white tea – a very rare thing in Japan, where the focus is on tencha for the matcha market, and sencha.

I didn’t try this sample of white tea until I got home, and to be honest, I had my mind totally blown! The taste of the tea, was the smell of the field it grew in! I couldn’t believe what I was tasting – it took me straight back to that field, the heat, the sounds, the sensation of sweat on my skin.  I contacted Ryo on Instagram to tell him how I found the tea, and asked if it was possible to buy more. He only had 300g of that first harvest left, so, tea geeks, I bought it.

The morning it arrived, it filled the shop with smells as fresh the field. With whole green leaves and buds, bright green.

We have gone on to buy his entire crop of hand picked white tea each year since then, and this year’s crop has just arrived.

We only have 550g in total.  Bear in mind that this is all there is, we are the only stockists in the UK, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. I’ll try not to drink it all …


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