Laoshan Village “Pine Needles” – REDUCED



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Laoshan Village Pine Needles Green Tea

We love the teas from Laoshan village, and this one is so much like a Japanese sencha to look at and to taste, we felt we couldn’t let it pass!

This green tea is largely hand processed, hand-frying, hand-rolling, and hand-drying in a wok, resulting in a tea with an incredibly thick and bright viscous tea soup, alternating umami and sweetness and satisfying invigorating cha qi and long lasting mouth-feel! Yup, something like a sencha then.

Laoshan village is near Qingdao in the province of Shandong at an altitude of just 300 meters. Laoshan village is also near a sacred mountain, and not far from the ocean.  Tea has been grown in the Laoshan area for many generations.  This “Imperial Grade” tea is made from the tippiest first flush of spring tea leaves, which is shaded, before being harvested in April.

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