Monsooned Malabar



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Consistently popular, this deep, rich coffee from the Indian Subcontinent is delicious, with notes of chocolate, spice and nuts.

The intensity of flavour is developed during the processing, whereby the cherries are allowed to essentially weather in open warehouses, for several months, resulting in the beans swelling in size, and losing much of their acidity. Awesome for espresso, but also good for any brew method.

Remember to let us know if you want your coffee as beans, or ground – although we wouldn’t recommend getting too much ground – if you want 500g or 1kg, we suggest opting for beans, and buying a grinder!

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1kg, 200g, 500g

Beans or Ground

Aeropress, cafetiere/French press, chemex, espresso, moka pot, pourover/v60, Beans

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