Queen of Assam



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The Queen of Assam – suitably regal in appearance and taste!

This tea was one we found after we learned about the conditions that Assam tea pickers were having to live in, poorly paid, unfairly treated. We set out to find small tea farms where we could make sure that the pickers were treated well. The added bonus is that this one is organic, biodynamic and the farm is run on Ayurvedic principles.

From their website, this is what they say … “we bring the most natural & ethical tea to your doorstep by working hand in hand with a group of small organic tea farmers from Assam. Our farmers produce exclusively handcrafted teas through sustainable organic farming techniques i.e., without using any chemical fertilizer, pesticide or growth hormones to ensure you get to sip the healthiest teas without interfering with nature. Buy our organic teas to empower these small farmers with enhanced livelihood opportunities and improved living standards. Enjoy the tea experience while supporting the farmers who protect our planet for the next generations!”

So now to what it tastes like!

Dry leaf: appearance, long wiry leaf, some buds, some stems, some broken leaf.

Fragrance: honey, rose

Wet leaf: appearance, red,

Aroma: roses, the real ones that smell

Liquor: amber red, viscous

Taste: rich, a little astringency on the second steep, roses again, malty, a hint of orange

This tea was so popular when we first had it in before Christmas, and sold out so quickly that we just had to have it back in, so we currently have lots!


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50g or 100g

100g, 50g

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